SocialFormula.com.au is written and updated by Chris Godfrey of ClarifyMarketing.com.au

Chris Godfrey has been in online business since 2006 and has therefore seen a lot of trends come and go. He believes that whilst Facebook is here to stay for the foreseeable future, there’s both a lot to learn, and a lot to simply remember.

There’s one half of marketing and winning customers that will never change, the other which is the ‘delivery mechanism’. This blog (the SocialFormula.com.au) will focus on Facebook Marketing and other Social Media marketing.

More About Chris Godfrey:

“My first career was in call centres. This is after the 12+ different casual jobs I had after high school and during UNI (which i never finished).

In about 2006, after seeing a mate of mine earn more money online than what he did at work.. And then QUIT his job to do that full time, I thought that was the best idea of all time. (Of course! Who wouldn’t).

Seeing him do this, started my long and expensive journey, to try and figure it all out and get it working.

I thought that it was just magic that, you could click a few buttons and wake up with more money than you went to sleep with. That’s all I really wanted, easy money… just like that.

..I was in my early 20’s soo.. What else could you expect, right?

When I look back now, I don’t know why I assumed that, I knew what to do.. I was just thinking oh yeah ‘website, developer, logo = money! Easy!”.. But of course it’s not that straightforward.

My mate was still killing it... and by accident with no real plan (because I’m not that smart).. I asked him.. What he was doing, and why he was doing it… at the time the online industry was all about SEO, link building, on page SEO.. etc. lots of new articles and the like.. It’s funny that when I asked someone who was actually doing it.. Then I could just copy the strategy.. Besides just blindly guessing and assuming that , what I was doing was right… funny that, isn’t it?

The old SEO strategies like this aren’t what they used to be. But back then when I started to tick the boxes that my mate told me about, that was when I first started to see some dollars coming in from Google ads that I had on my site.

ALL I had to do was ask the right person for advice, and follow the steps!

Everything I read at the time was a new strategy, a new idea, something that was the new thing. And I was trying all this stuff… anything that I read.  But when I started to take notes from my mate.. and write down the parts of the machine that I had seen work with my own eyes, and not just things that I read on internet marketing blogs, that’s the only time I start to make a few dollars here and there.

Back then.. The Google algorithm was changing like crazy. Let me give you an example:

If someone searched for your industry or product category.. Or even your brand name.. If you were showing up in position 4 on the 1st page of Google. That was good. Lots of people would find your website and you’d make money.

But when Google decides they are changing or tweaking something, your website can fall down to page 24 not even overnight, I’m talking from 1 minute ago.. To NOW!! The change happens instantly. And it’s totally out of your control..

As you can probably imagine, living with this up and down roller coaster was no way to relax. And it was no certain way for me to quit my job and work for myself with a reliable income stream.

I continued to learn, every night, and every weekend. I literally didn’t stop.. And even up until today I’m still keeping my finger on the pulse for what’s working and changing in the online world.

I have a set of rules, or a set of ‘things’ that I now apply to any situation, it has all the key components to make a good idea get off the ground.

It’s the things I’ve learnt over the years, and it’s literally been the backbone to earning $2.7million dollars in a year! Crazy right?!

I know now that it doesn’t matter what your product is, or what your service is.. If no one can find it, or if you don’t know how to market it..

..If you don’t know how to connect with your target customers, and importantly… IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND the platform you’re working on (Facebook being the Elephant in the room).. A genuinely good idea will never get traction.

Thanks for reading my story, I hope you got something out of it.

I now have the company you see today, which is www.ClarifyMarketing.com.au .

When I need to put a label on it, I say we’re a “marketing company”. But more simply, which I prefer..

We help Aussie business owners grow their business.

We have a steady handful of clients now who I and the team work closely with. With a profitable year behind us and smooth seas in front, I put some time into putting that little book together on Facebook Ads.

I look forward to speaking with you one day soon, when you’re ready.

Chris Godfrey”