Chris Godfrey a Scammer?

It’s Hard Being a Nice Guy. 

Personally I take it as a compliment. Being called a scam, having people say that your entire business is a scam.

It means you’re getting more well known!

There are two different types of Scam Complaints in the world as I see it.

#1. People who have never met you, or bought your products and who STILL call you a scammer.

#2. Customers who have paid for your service, are unhappy, don’t get any after sales support – and then appropriately call you a scammer.

So far I’ve only had #1. Check out the screenshot below for the latest example:

Chris Godfrey Scam

I’ve covered the names because I don’t want anyone who does know me to “reach out” to these people and set them straight. 

I was running an advertisement on Facebook, advertising my Free Facebook Ads Book. When you run an ad, you can see who has liked the Ad, who has commented, who has shared it, etc.

Usually I’m personally too busy to look at what’s going on. A lot of the comments, and the back and forth questions are managed by Mel in my office (thanks Mel!).

At least every week there is people who I can only imagine are commenting from a special care home (and I feel for them), because their comments are off topic, and nothing more than a nonsense rant about politics, the government, about Facebook or whatever set them off that day.

If you’re advertising on Facebook, you’re going to get this so don’t fret or take it personally when it does. If you’ve been in business for a while now, you know what I’m talking about. (comment your funniest story below for others to read and know they’re not alone 🙂)

Anyway back the story:

I was running this Ad on Facebook, someone saw the Ad in their newsfeed, clicked it and shared it to their local group asking if anyone had “looked into this guy”? (talking about me – Chris Godfrey).

This person was asking the group if I was Legit or if I was a Scam?

No real surprise, a “lovely thoughtful gentlemen” I’ll choose to call him, chimed in said: “Scam!“.

So now 10% of that group likely saw me name being dragged through the dirt.

Or did they?

Here’s what I think and you can agree or disagree.

Anyone who would see this post and the Scam comment and then be scared of for life, they are not my client or customer.

And they most likely, were never going to be.

I think that business owners and people who are more likely to take action and be successful, they think for themselves. And probably have done for years.

Why Losers Are Quick to Judge

Think of 98% of people who made a mistake. In a sporting team, in your family. In your office. The first thing they say after making an error, losing a deal, dropping the ball, getting a speeding ticket, etc. Usually starts with:

  • “Yeah well, he… blah blah blah!”
  • “Yeah well, that’s because… blah blah blah!”
  • “It wasn’t my fault! SHE was the one who… blah blah blah”

Losers are very quick to point the finger. 

And of course they are.

Can you imagine making mistakes and learning from them so you can avoid that mistake, and start making fewer and fewer mistakes with whatever it is you’re working on. I mean, what would that make you? (Smart?)

Me being called a scammer by someone who has never interacted with me or my company (I had someone double check that!), says more about that person, than what it does about me. That’s I think about it.

If your neighbour was to see an advertisement on Facebook that said something along the lines of:

“Free Book on How to Get Customers From Facebook Ads”, and your neighbour quickly hit the comment the button, and then typed out the word SCAM with his greasy potato chip covered dirty fingers.. (I wanted to give you the visual), I think your neighbour is just simply justifying his own actions.

After all, if your neighbour is lazy, and not working hard on her/his business. And therefore not getting any new signs ups or sales, it’s much easier to say:

  • “that doesn’t work!”
  • “customers are dumb!”
  • “scam!”

Chris Godfrey a Scammer?

Than what it is to get off their arse and do the work that needs to be done, or to spend the hour to learn something new (like read my free book on Facebook Ads that I was advertising and offering.)

So come and “check me out” for yourself. And see how legit I am.

If you’re wanting to learn how to get more customers from Facebook for your business, come by and try out my new private group where I’m working with and helping business owners just like you, to figure out Facebook marketing.

I’m already there doing it, so jump and try it free for yourself too.

Try it out here:

2 comments on “Chris Godfrey a Scammer?
  1. Brett says:

    Chris, there’s always going to be mindless wankers who want to bring people down to their low level of misery

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