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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising and social media marketing.

It’s the big whale every new business owner wants to catch, a Facebook advertising campaign that adds zeros to their bank accounts quicker than they count them. Facebook is a beast, both in a good way and sometimes a bad

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Scared of Big Numbers

One of the funny obstacles that new entrepreneurs or business owners very often can’t jump over, is what my business partner and I call: “Being scared of big numbers“.  It’s a funny one, because it’s usually caused by the very same thing they are

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HTTPS and SSL Change

This is something that you are most likely not aware of. But because you and I are pen pals, you’ll be one step ahead of this upcoming change that will leave everyone else scratching their head while they try and

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What’s the best type of Facebook Ad to Use ?

If you’re new to Facebook marketing, you may be surprised that there are different types of Ads that you can choose to run on Facebook. These are: a) Ads to get people to ‘click’ on your Ad and go to

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Your Audience and Facebook Pixel

In this post, I want to show you how you can use your Facebook pixel to tag, and identify your existing audience on Facebook. For this example, I’m talking about people who are NOT already part of your Facebook followers

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Facebook Chatbot

Is a Facebook Chatbot the answer to 10x your businesses sales? This is what a Chatbot is: A simple program that has been programmed to say and do: “If the person clicks THIS… then say “that“. And if the person

The Powerful Facebook Pixel

Before you run an Ad on Facebook that will send customers to your website, be sure to set up your Facebook Pixel. (don’t worry – it’s not as hard as it sounds). If you don’t know what the Facebook Pixel

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing In All It’s Glory (but not). “When he zigs, you zag!” Have you heard this being said before? I don’t know who said it but it’s great advice. When the whole world is looking to Online Marketing as

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Custom Audiences

When I started to advertise on Facebook, it was the early days. Around 2010 (or maybe it was earlier.. Custom Audiences were less of a “thing” back then anyway). It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when because I couldn’t get it

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Social Media Marketing

Social Formula blog Read More

It should come as no surprise that Social Media Marketing, often leads people to think of ‘Facebook Marketing’. But there’s more to it, and we’ll touch on the bigger ones in this blog post. Something else I want to cover

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