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Scared of Big Numbers

One of the funny obstacles that new entrepreneurs or business owners very often can’t jump over, is what my business partner and I call: “Being scared of big numbers“.  It’s a funny one, because it’s usually caused by the very same thing they are

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What’s the best type of Facebook Ad to Use ?

If you’re new to Facebook marketing, you may be surprised that there are different types of Ads that you can choose to run on Facebook. These are: a) Ads to get people to ‘click’ on your Ad and go to

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Your Audience and Facebook Pixel

In this post, I want to show you how you can use your Facebook pixel to tag, and identify your existing audience on Facebook. For this example, I’m talking about people who are NOT already part of your Facebook followers

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Facebook Changes Custom Audiences for Advertising.

If you are in the Facebook Ad platform marketing your business every day or every week, you might of come across recent changes to Custom Audiences. When you load up, or set up your Custom Audience in the Facebook ads

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1000 True Fans

Credit for the origin of 1,000 True Fans goes to Kevin Kelly. If you want to build a business that supports your lifestyle and doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ to make you millions and millions of dollars, read the original article here.

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Facebook Chatbot

Is a Facebook Chatbot the answer to 10x your businesses sales? This is what a Chatbot is: A simple program that has been programmed to say and do: “If the person clicks THIS… then say “that“. And if the person

Save Years and $100,000.

When I started to learn how to make a online business work, I thought it was going to be magic. I was looking for the secret button to press. The internet world makes it seem like there is a hidden,

Facebook Marketing Campaign Example

And How You Can Use it In Your Business: I want to outline how Facebook marketing can work for your business. It’s easy and common to assume that you should advertise and straight for the sale. If you’re a Dentist,

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Don’t Bother WITHOUT This

If you want to market your business on Facebook, here’s a lesson that will help. In fact, knowing what I know, I wouldn’t bother without this. And I wouldn’t take on a client without this either.  The good news is:

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Chris Godfrey a Scammer?

It’s Hard Being a Nice Guy.  Personally I take it as a compliment. Being called a scam, having people say that your entire business is a scam. It means you’re getting more well known! There are two different types of

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