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Lesson From Failing to Fish.

When I was in high school, I said “when I finish school, I’m going to get a car and drive around Australia!” Sound familiar? It’s a common dream. But here’s the truth, I didn’t do it when I left school.

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Why It’s Easy to Get What You Want.

As you probably know, I have a book on Facebook Ads that I give away for free to fellow business owners, so that they can get a leg up, and head start with the basics of marketing on Facebook. (The

Case Study with Facebook Ads

This is quick and short case study on a recent campaign I ran on Facebook Ads. As you’ll see, I reduced the cost of running the ad by several times over. I halved the costs, and then halved it again.

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The Powerful Facebook Pixel

Before you run an Ad on Facebook that will send customers to your website, be sure to set up your Facebook Pixel. (don’t worry – it’s not as hard as it sounds). If you don’t know what the Facebook Pixel

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing In All It’s Glory (but not). “When he zigs, you zag!” Have you heard this being said before? I don’t know who said it but it’s great advice. When the whole world is looking to Online Marketing as

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Silly Business Owners

I was having a good chat with my business partner who’s hit the road with his family for a couple of months. We started off as mates, so we often have a good laugh together. A few months ago, just

What I DIDN’T KNOW Back Then

I’m sharing with you what is the same situation that most business owners are in right now. (likely). My background is in the call centre industry, entire levels of office buildings with hundreds of desks and people. Workers (including me

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Custom Audiences

When I started to advertise on Facebook, it was the early days. Around 2010 (or maybe it was earlier.. Custom Audiences were less of a “thing” back then anyway). It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when because I couldn’t get it

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How to Use Facebook for Business

As of OCT-DEC 2017 Facebook had 2.2 BILLION Monthly Active Users (source). With that many people in one place, it’s no surprise that every business owners wants to know how to use Facebook for business. (That is not a typo,

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Social Media Marketing

It should come as no surprise that Social Media Marketing, often leads people to think of ‘Facebook Marketing’. But there’s more to it, and we’ll touch on the bigger ones in this blog post. Something else I want to cover

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