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DON’T Be Like Me.

I can’t build or design a website, but I used to be a master website creator. I could get a website designed, built and live in less than 48 hours – but I couldn’t (and still can’t) do any of

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Google Ads

Back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s, all business owners and people who dreamed of working for themselves and earning big numbers, heard of this new possibility called digital marketing. Now that digital marketing possible, anything was possible! If

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising and social media marketing.

It’s the big whale every new business owner wants to catch, a Facebook advertising campaign that adds zeros to their bank accounts quicker than they count them. Facebook is a beast, both in a good way and sometimes a bad

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She Hated Being Alone.

14th June, 2018 From: Sydney, Australia. About 5 years ago, I lived in a group of “flats” (single level units) for a while. All single level, about 10 in total I think. My wife and owned the one we were living

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The BIGGER Opportunity For All Business Owners.

12th June, 2018 From: Sydney, Australia. There might be a 10x bigger opportunity outside of your own business. When you get the ingredients just right, and you know how to get a predictable stream of customers submitting their info to enquire about

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Here’s Some Fuel

7th June, 2018 From: Sydney, Australia. The numbers quickly start to stack up. When you can spend one hundred dollars in advertising, and you know that will get you (on average) 8 customers wanting “more info”. And then you call

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Chris Godfrey a Scammer?

It’s Hard Being a Nice Guy.  Personally I take it as a compliment. Being called a scam, having people say that your entire business is a scam. It means you’re getting more well known! There are two different types of

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Lesson From Failing to Fish.

When I was in high school, I said “when I finish school, I’m going to get a car and drive around Australia!” Sound familiar? It’s a common dream. But here’s the truth, I didn’t do it when I left school.

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What I DIDN’T KNOW Back Then

I’m sharing with you what is the same situation that most business owners are in right now. (likely). My background is in the call centre industry, entire levels of office buildings with hundreds of desks and people. Workers (including me

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