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Why Most Online Businesses Fail

I am the Deer.

And How NOT To Join That List. Hello Friend (sorry, I don’t know your name). My name is Chris Godfrey and I’ve been working for myself from home, from shared office space or on the road since 2011. I’ve always

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How to Sell Your Knowledge

Don’t Teach Your Info, Do This Instead. There’s major growth in the information selling industry. It was big 10 years ago, and it’s only getting bigger. The irony is, I also play in this information selling field! When you charge

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What Your Customers Want.

In the last few years I’ve learnt that people don’t really want to do the hard work, and that included me. I still do the hard work and I “get it done” when it comes to business, but that’s not

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More details on the plan

If you didn’t see my last post, that’s 100% ok. I mentioned I’m going to run a simple trial in the comings weeks. I’m very interested to see what will the results will be, it’s exciting, and I think you’ll get

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I’ll NEVER Stop Doing This.

I’m not talking about marketing or running my business – that’s a given. I’m talking about probably the single most important thing a business owner can do, if they want to even just maintain their business. You’ve heard the stories

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DON’T Be Like Me.

I can’t build or design a website, but I used to be a master website creator. I could get a website designed, built and live in less than 48 hours – but I couldn’t (and still can’t) do any of

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Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Advanced Course on Facebook Marketing

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course With a Easy to Follow 18 Step Formula. Carefully Presented Video Course, Made For Beginners to Get More Customers Than a PRO They’d Hire. Hi There, My name is Chris Godfrey and let me first say

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Good at the WRONG Things.

I used to be really good at all the wrong things. There’s been too many “that’s awesome” ideas to remember, over the 12 or so years that I’ve been in this online-business world. I’m talking about online business ideas that

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What Should My Website Conversion Rate Be?

For anyone who is already marketing their business, or a product online they will know all about website conversion rates. As you know, if your paying for advertising online, you are paying for people to: Click your ad and land

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Picking Restaurants and Marketing Online

My wife and I used to travel a lot. We’ve slowed down a little over the last 18 months for a couple of different reasons. We’re lucky I know, but we also both worked very hard over the last decade.

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